How are we able to offer better prices than most E-Commerce Websites?

This is one of the question that is asked by most of our users, and citing human nature it is absolutely right to be curious and suspicious towards something different from the usual norm. So, Let's cut the crap and get straight to the point.


Let's first give you a brief overview of our company and our vast experience in e-commerce. Our Parent Company (KLVSTC INTERNATIONAL) is selling consumer Electronics on several E-Commerce Platforms such as (KLVSTC SHOPEE), (KLVSTC RETAIL), (KLVSTC INTERNATIONAL) & for the last 4 years. We have cumulatively processed more than 2,00,000+ orders and are a top-seller on most of the platforms. We are also authorized dealer/distributor of reputed brands such as Sony, Bose, Sennheiser and Apple. Our team boasts of Experienced E-Commerce Professionals with knowledge of all ins-&-outs of E-Commerce. 


So, Most of these Websites (which account for 90% of Indian E-Commerce) operates on Marketplace Model, where multiple third party seller lists on the marketplace's website and the websites charges them a marketplace fee (usually in range of 10-15% of Sale Value). This is the place where we identified a gap in the market. Taking leverage of that and with the vision to deliver more value to our Indian Customers, we launched our website on 20 May 2020. 


Our Website operates on a Inventory-Led or D2C (Direct-2-Consumer) Model, where we are bypassing middle-man marketplace and are selling directly to you (the end consumer). So, while selling through our website we are passing the marketplace fees in form of direct discount to you, as a result you are able to get products at dealer-level prices while buying directly from us as compared to most of the other websites. Plus, you have our promise to get the best-ever customer experience with door warranty support (currently available on limited brands), personalized customer support & best quality products.


Secondly, Our website mostly deals in premium products which tends to have higher profits; but as we retail in scale, we are able to operate with very thin margins on these products and offer you even better prices.

There are also many small things that we do to reduce our operating cost & give you a better deal, but let's keep it for another day :)


Because of COVID-19 many retailers have restored to malpractices such as Grouping & Price gouging, we firmly stand against such malpractices. You can easily spot these price gouging practices by using historical price trackers such as Keepa to know the product's actual value. So, from next time be more aware when buying anything online.


Happy Shopping :) | Truly Indian