Grabgear Warranty

Have you ever got tired of visiting service centers to get your favourite gadget repaired or replaced? Have you ever felt that the Brand Service Center is denying warranty on your Online Purchased Product? We know and understand what it feels like and how it consumes your valuable time.

To  improve your Product Service Experience, We are offering a Premium Warranty Support on some of our products by entering Tie-up's with respective brands. So, Let's understand what is in it for you? Please carefully read FAQ and T&C to understand the program.

What is Grabgear Warranty?

Grabgear Warranty is a premium product service program for gadgets purchased from (only if it falls in the Grabgear Warranty Brands). In which if your defected product falls under the respective brand's service/warranty conditions. Then, Grabgear will pick-up the item from your Door-Step and will send you the replaced/repaired item after getting it serviced from the Brand.

Please visit the Brands Website for their respective Product Service/Warranty Avail guidelines.

Which Brands are eligible for Grabgear Warranty?

Currently, Products of the following Brands are eligible for Grabgear Warranty Program-

  1. Aviator
  2. Mi/Xiaomi
  3. Sony
  4. Techavent

We are working with other brands to get them into our Grabgear Warranty Portfolio.

What is the Time-Period for availing Grabgear Warranty?

You can avail for Grabgear Warranty for 1 Year from the Date of Purchase, if and only if you have opted for Grabgear Premium Warranty Service.

Are there any charges for Grabgear Warranty?

For opting for Grabgear Warranty services the customer needs to pay extra Rs. 199 during checkout by opting for Premium Warranty services during checkout. However, if you find the need to avail Grabgear Warranty service you would be required to pay a sum of Rs. 49 towards handling and courier charges for door pickup.

How should I avail Grabgear Warranty?

If your product needs to get replaced or repaired and if it falls under our Program. You can avail of this service by dropping a mail on [email protected] along with your Product Details and we will get in touch with you.

Terms and Condition

  • Your Product should fall under the brand's warranty conditions to be eligible for this program. Our Executive will first verify your request to examine if it falls under the brands warranty conditions.
  • In case, your product is rejected by brand during the warranty process because of not falling under it's service conditions. The Product would be returned back to you under the same condition. The decision of the brand regarding warranty will be final and standing.
  • Please note, that Grabgear is just a medium between you (the customer) and the brand, we don't service the product from our sides. Under any circumstances, Grabgear will not provide any replacement or refund from our side.
  • It might take upto 15-40 Days to get your Product Serviced from the respective brand and get it delivered to your doorstep. Please, Be Patient with us during the process.

For any queries/doubts drop us a mail on [email protected]